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Help a Senior Animal in Need Today!

We are a 501c3 non-profit Dog Rescue & Animal Sanctuary.
We specialize in seniors, special needs, neglect cases, and hospice for them to live out their days with the love and care in a home environment, not in a kill shelter.
EnVi = End Violence

EnVi Dog Rescue and Animal Sanctuary relies on the generosity of animal lovers like you! Thank you for your support!
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Welcome to EnVi Dog Rescue & Animal Sanctuary!!!

We are Building a Better Future for Senior Animals in Need

​             Our Mission


Our Mission is to End Violence toward animals by providing Shelter, Rehousing, Rehabilitation and Rescue services to pets in need through Community, Caring and Compassion.

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Dog of the Week!
Meet Hobbs!

Hobbs is a sweet funny boy. He is the type of dog if you are ready to play then so is he, if you are ready to relax so is he. Hobbs is very affectionate. He is so sweet when he wants to be pet. Hobbs takes about a week or so to warm up to new people he just needs a little time to trust new people. Hobbs does love to play with other dogs but for some reason does not get along with black dogs and he is not to sure about children. Hobbs was in a foster where he did well with 6 other dogs and 3 cats. if you give Hobbs a chance he will melt your heart.

Who we are

Founded in 2014, EnVi Pet Care was always intended as a platform upon which we could build our vision of a no-kill Dog Rescue and Animal Sanctuary. Working with the community our aim is to rehome as many pets as possible while also providing a safe haven for those pets who require medical care, geriatric services or rehabilitation as a result of neglect of abuse. 

In late-2019, with our Pet Care Service enjoying continued success and growth we decided the time was right to launch our Dog Rescue and Animal Sanctuary Project. Our efforts were immediately directed to providing food donations to those families most effected by the economic impact of COVID-19. The rehoming effort began to grow and our fundraising efforts have seen a good start and in 2019 we were awarded 501(c)3 Non-Profit Status, allowing our efforts to continue with gusto. 



Valentines: Chocolate Covered Strawberries, Oreos and Marshmallows

Saint Patricks Day:  Irish Potatoes 

Give it up for a Cause Challenge- 2/23-4/3

Please join us for give it up for a Cause Challenge!

We all have our guilty pleasures — whether it is fast food, expensive coffee drinks, or a weekly movie night.

By giving up this expense for a week, 2 weeks, or even a month you can help out our rescue by donating the money you have saved to help the animals in need!

Thank you and Let the Challenge begin!

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Our Goals

In order to achieve our mission of providing Shelter and relief for all animals as well as a dedicated Dog Rescue Service, we base all of our efforts on the following goals:

  1. To recruit and train a staff of permanent Employees, Volunteer Staff, and pet Foster Families to see all animals in our care are receiving aid which is second to none.

  2. The establishment of a Dog Rescue shelter and Animal Sanctuary facility to serve our local community.

  3. To show caring with a continual fundraising effort to support permanently boarded rescue animals, fostering programs and other pet rescue services.

  4. To show compassion by providing a no kill Sanctuary for geriatric dogs and those who need special attention in rehabilitation.

  5. A shelter working with the community to see that no animal is left to suffer when so many are prepared to help.

  6. Continuing charitable projects to see that families with perts in need can continue to provide nourishment and a loving home for pets when they have fallen on hard times.

  7. Temporary disaster relief housing for pets of displaced families, with a socialization and family play area.

  8. Provider reliable transportation for Community Outreach Programs to ensure the welfare of the animals within our community.

  9. Provide rescue services for animals in danger or with life threatening injury.

  10. To partner with and support local veterinarian and animal experts to see all pets who leave our care will do so safely, well  cared for and prepared for a new life with loving families.

Wth your help, we can all achieve these goals, Together

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