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Envi Dog Rescue, Animal Sanctuary & Paws For Thought: An Introduction

To introduce Envi Paws for Thought, this first post is a small introductory bio.

We were in Lansdale, Pennsylvania and this blog is the representation of EnVi Dog Rescue and Animal Sanctuary, and operation primarily in Montgomery and Lower Bucks County and began our business in 2014. When Tori, the CEO of EnVi (End Violence for Animals) began, the company was a one-woman operation. Knowing the time was right to expand on her dream of owning a full-service pet-care company and dog rescue center. Tori’s determination and dedication to the highest standards of service extending a nurturing personality, her dream was the soil in which the acorn of a great oak would grow. It all needed to start somewhere, and the journey began with one client taking advantage of Tori’s Dog Walking Service.

With continued encouragement from friend’s family and boyfriend (now husband) Jon, the company soon expanded alongside their relationship and dog walks became date night.

Soon the needs of pet owners in the region met and word-of-mouth praise, EnVi enjoyed rapid expansion. Dog boarding, Overnight dog sitting, and drop-ins combined with an ever-growing dog walking client base saw a need for expansion and Envi Pet care becoming a full-time job.

Despite the continual influx of new customers, she found time to volunteer at the local animal rescue center. Rescuing wild animals and returning them to the outdoors after receiving medical attention has and will always remain a passion for EnVi. Her work at a veterinary clinic provided the skills needed for special case animals requiring medications and rehabilitative care.

Boston Terrier Roxx, came to us a year ago.

In 2016, EnVi won its first award as ‘Best Dog Walking Service” in the Montgomery County Small Business Awards. It is a title we have awarded them every year to present.

By the time New Year 2019 arrived, EnVi Pet Care was employing five full-time walkers, a pet groomer, and conducting hundreds of hours of Pet care Services every week. It was time to begin the next phase of our game plan- The foundation of a Dog Rescue and Animal Sanctuary. We put plans in motion for the foundation of such a facility. Over the last year we had found new homes for over twenty pets. We were confident the time was right to move on. Unfortunately, 2020 had its own plan for so many. EnViVi was no exception. However, it has always been our attitude to find a silver lining on every cloud we could use our reputation and client base as a benefit to so many in such a time of need.

Pennzoil, or Penny, rescued from a burning car.

When the COVID-19 Crisis began, EnVi set its attention on providing pet supplies to pet owners in need and distributed thousands of pounds of supplies free within the local community. In addition, the company remained afloat and through smart management no employee needed to be laid off or furloughed during the crisis. In fact, EnVi was one of the few companies able to expand and is currently looking to grow the workforce as they move to the next phase of operations.

As stated above, in 2019 EnVi Pet care started its own Non-profit and began working toward the establishment of a pet rescue and animal sanctuary facility- EnVi Dog Rescue and Animal Sanctuary. Although delayed during the lockdown, EnVi Dog Rescue as raised its goal of $3000 raised for the last quarter of 202. Our efforts will continue with the creation of a Pet foster Network and continued efforts towards and Dog Rescue facility and animal sanctuary.

Our greatest successes of 2020 have been our work in reaching out to the community and establishing a connection of caring within the community leading to several dogs and nine cats finding forever families.

Late 2020 we decided to reach out to the community and share our expertise. We Wil share tips on pet care, training techniques, pet stories and so much more on our blogs. Following our blogs and our sister site will keep you informed with pet owner advice, success stories and other news from EnVi Pet Care Cares. In addition, we will also be making Blog posts on Paws For Thought.

'Rogue" rescued Halloween, 2020 .

Paws for thought is the official Blog of EnVu Dog Rescue and Animal Sanctuary. Blog posts here are more directed to our efforts in creating the EnVi Dog Rescue and Animal Sanctuary, a diary of our fundraising events, tips for pet foster families and adoptive forever homes and advice on all things related to Animal Rescue and rehabilitation.

We will also be bringing you stories of our successes. The pets we have rescued, rehomed and are now enjoying new lives with forever families.

Please subscribe and share and help to spread the word of our work.

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